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Melanie Trexler


Arts and Sciences



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Oral Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 5-4-2017


The story of the White Rose resistance movement is not generally known in the narrative of Nazi Germany because it falls among the many other resistance movements that appeared to be more effective than the White Rose. Yet, many scholars overlook that the leaflets the White Rose wrote played a role in the resistance to the Nazi government. My paper addresses the White Rose resistance movement during the Third Reich and how its resistance was exemplified in the leaflets through the discussion about belief in God and hope for a better Germany. In my paper, I will do a literary analysis of the six White Rose leaflets to highlight Christian religious themes. I will examine how the religious language in the leaflets articulates the political goals of the White Rose movement and creates a call to action for Germans. Closely examining the leaflets and understanding the members of the White Rose that wrote them sheds new light on the rarely acknowledged works of the White Rose resistance movement.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Jessica Lewis became interested in this topic when she took a class on Christianity in Nazi Germany with Professor Becker. He spoke about a young woman, Sophie Scholl, and a group of college students, The White Rose. The resilience, courage, and faith that Sophie Scholl displayed inspired Jessica to learn more about this group. She plans to pursue a masters and would like to further research the topic of Christian movements in times of political oppression.