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George Potter


Arts and Sciences


English/Creative Writing

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Oral Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 5-4-2017


Although many people have attended a play or musical in their life, not many take the time to think about the process behind the works they see on stage. Before a play ever gets to production, it begins on the page, and before that, in an author’s head. My presentation will explain (at least in a subjective perspective) how plays come to be. Specifically, I will explain how my play Sloppy Seconds came to be. Unlike other writing, playwriting requires a community to bring the work to life. As this is precisely what attracts me to playwriting, I wrote Sloppy Seconds in a way I believe allows a lot of flexibility for anyone trying to put on a production. Overall, I want to illustrate that playwriting, and my play in particular, is meant to bring communities together. More than anything, I have learned that playwriting is made to be uncomfortable, to push boundaries, and to experiment. The risks I took in writing Sloppy Seconds brought me the title of regionals winning playwright at the recent American Collegiate Theater Festival (ACTF). A few of the actors who performed at the festival will read a scene from the play during my presentation. Plays are meant to be heard and seen, so as much as I can talk about what I have written, is it best for everyone to experience it first hand.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Michele Strachota has wanted to be a writer since she was nine, so it was no surprise that she chose to study creative writing. However, the desire to be a playwright is much newer. She took the playwriting class because she believes in studying across genres; she had no idea it would land her with a regionals award and the desire to continue doing theater. She wants to keep writing plays, growing both as a writer and a person.