The Legitimacy of the Brain Balance Center as Treatment for Developmental Disorders

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Kieth Carlson


Arts and Sciences



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Poster Presentation

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Spring 5-4-2017


Since 2006, Brain Balance Center has been steadily expanding as a franchise, resulting in over 130 centers across America, with the closest one to Valparaiso University being in Portage, Indiana. These centers claim to significantly lessen, and in some cases even eliminate, symptoms of autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and a multitude of other disorders. Because any insight into the treatment of these disorders is important, I decided to research the methods behind Brain Balance Center’s claims to determine whether or not their claims were supported by evidence. Reviewing their website provided no sound theoretical rationale for, or empirical support for, their claims (peer-reviewed research, theories backing up their claims, etc.). Furthermore, the information provided by the Brain Balance Center's website closely aligned them with a majority of the characteristics of pseudoscience. Additionally, there are multiple treatment alternatives that are supported by scientific research that parents could choose instead of the Brain Balance Center. This information shows that programs offering this type of help need to be closely scrutinized by parents and scholars.

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Jennifer Ahlden is a sophomore psychology and criminology double major who is also a Christ College scholar. She became interested in this project after learning about a nearby Brain Balance Center. She hopes to work later in her life to help prisoners reintegrate into society after sentencing.

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