The Effect of Undergraduate GPA on Future Success

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Lissa Yogan


Arts and Sciences



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Poster Presentation

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Spring 5-4-2017


Studies from the past say that GPA plays a role in future success after college. We are going to be conducting a study to see if that remains true today. In order to try to prove our hypothesis, which is that GPA has an effect on your future success, we will be conducting a brief survey to determine whether college GPA affects one's career, as well as other aspects of their life, such as family and happiness. We will be measuring key variables, such as occupational success and family life. The measurements will be done through a website called Qualtrics, which will help us to to determine if there is a correlation between GPA and how successful people view themselves in their own lives. The survey will determine how one views their own personal success. This is important because not all people view success in the same way, and just because you do not have a great job that pays a lot does not mean that you are not successful. We hope to use this information to demonstrate just how important GPA is and how it can greatly affect opportunities later in life.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Takia Peebles is a junior from Chicago, IL. She plans to obtain a bachelor's degree in criminology to later pursue a career in law enforcement.

Nicholas Isajczuk is a junior from Winamac, IN. He is pursuing his bachelor's degree in sociology/criminology. He plans to work as a law enforcement officer.

Noah Roderick is a sophomore sociology/criminology major from Joliet, IL. He also plans on becoming a law enforcement officer in the future.

The authors feel that this research is important because it will help others to understand just how important it is to do your best while in college.

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