Statistical Consulting for Nursing Implementation Projects

Faculty Sponsor

Tiffany Kolba


Arts and Sciences



Presentation Type

Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 5-4-2017


This poster will describe my experience with working as a statistical consultant for the Doctor of Nursing Practice students at Valparaiso University. In particular, I will describe a selection of the individual projects focusing on implementations and educational interventions applied to topics such as transition times of patients to their assigned beds in the hospital intensive care unit, hospital hygiene, depression screening, and workplace violence. Many of the projects used a pretest and posttest design to obtain the results. In addition, I will describe the statistical consulting process, which includes assistance with selecting appropriate statistical tests to use on the data, creating useful graphs for the paper, and using the statistical program SPSS. Statistical consulting involves strong communication, analysis, and flexibility. My project mirrored aspects of statistical consulting in the real world and provided experience and challenges as I used my statistical analysis skills.

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