Statistical Consulting for Doctor of Nursing Practice Projects

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Tiffany Kolba


Arts and Sciences


Mathematics and Statistics Department

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Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 5-4-2017


For my statistics major final project in the Spring 2017 semester, I worked as a consultant for six graduate students in Valpo’s doctor of nursing practice program. Each graduate student had his or her own final project for Nursing 799. They had all collected most of their data prior to the spring semester, and were then in the stage of data analysis. I helped each student determine what kinds of inference tests to run and what statistics to present in their final project papers. There were three specific projects that I helped with the most. One project was researching fall rates among patients in one hospital based on certain medications and safety accommodations. The staff was then educated on the subject, and fall rates were measured again. Another project was researching the effect of flu shot education on one’s intent to receive a flu shot. Finally, another project that I worked with was researching mistakes in discharge papers. The student reviewed discharge papers for patients who were being sent home, specifically looking for the accuracy of prescription descriptions. The student then provided education to the nurses filing the discharge papers and observed any changes in accuracy afterward. This project allowed me to gain experience consulting on a variety of different projects, using the skills I have learned throughout my statistics major in order to help others with their own research.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Matthew Klapman is a senior mathematics and statistics double major at Valparaiso University. Within the field of statistics, he is specifically interested in projects using surveys and plans to attend graduate school for survey methodology. A final project is required for the senior year statistics colloquium, and so he chose to act as a consultant for graduate students in the nursing program.

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