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The campaign goal was designed to inform and educate the community about the risks of carbon monoxide. The objectives for a national campaign focused on raising general awareness, promoting the First Alert detectors, and rallying people around the carbon monoxide cause. To implement these objectives, key communication strategies were identified: broadcasts, parenting magazines, fire departments, hospitals, and social media. The primary strategy is to execute a communication campaign around an awareness month. Such an approach will involve fire departments, broadcasts, parenting magazines, a logo and slogan – “Don’t Let Silence Take another Life” – to represent the carbon monoxide campaign. A national approach targets the top 20 cities in the United States where the awareness month campaign will be promoted. After researching several of the most popular news broadcasts on the major networks on television, and the appropriate way to share information through social media sites, the national awareness month presented a way to gain additional awareness for carbon monoxide and its potential dangers. This public relations campaign will be evaluated through sales during the awareness month, comments on social media sites, viewership of the talk shows and news shows, response from parenting magazine readers, and a survey of fire departments.

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