Process & Creative Practice: Painting, Printmaking, Collage

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Liz Wuerffel


Arts and Sciences



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Poster Presentation

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Spring 5-4-2017


As our capstones to our undergraduate education, the three of us senior studio art majors researched and developed our distinct art installations. Together we received the CWR grant in order to develop and push these projects further. Each of our projects are based on ideas that we had throughout our career at Valparaiso University, and utilize different methods that showcase the variety of techniques we have learned. The projects include: a study of cloud formations using watercolor and pointillism; a depiction of the effects of body dysmorphic disorder using collage; and finally an installation that contemplates how we leave our mark in the places we experience, and how those places leave a mark in our memory using printmaking and viewer participation. Each project has it’s own identity; however, together they represent the creative and intellectual endeavors of an art major. They are currently on display at the Brauer.

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As the three seniors on the Studio Arts track, we have worked alongside each other as we have developed our own artistic voices. The three of us grew up here in Valparaiso, Indiana and attended high school together as well, but it was not until we had classes together here that we understood our common passion. Since then, we have continuously helped each other work through ideas in order to create thoughtful art.

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