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Nick Rosasco


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Computer Science

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0000-0002-1106-2704 , 0000-0001-7272-089X , 0000-0003-1084-0479, 0000-0002-8813-7268, 0000-0001-7687-7317

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Poster Presentation

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Spring 5-4-2017


Today, technology is playing an increasingly significant role in remote healthcare by delivering treatments and assisting patients to manage their conditions. This is particularly true for patients fighting addictions. Choices! Counseling Services has commissioned an app to help patients recovering from addictions to handle appointments, control symptoms, and find support when needed. Our team, through the Computing and Information Sciences Department of Valparaiso University, and in collaboration with Paula Dranger, assistant director of the Valparaiso University SAAFE Office, has created a proof of concept and initial implementation for a support tool for those dealing with chemical dependency issues. The software was created using the Ionic 2 Framework and the Firebase real-time database to simplify multi-platform and multi-device support. The suite includes two separate applications: an app for patients receiving treatment, and a backend interface for caregiver staff. Features for patients include viewing a calendar with meetings and important dates, logging when they feel triggered by their addictions, viewing a list of contacts to receive help, and tracking short and long term goals. Caregivers using the accompanying administrative app can configure the patients’ apps, set up appointments, and track patients’ progress. Caregivers will be notified if a patient feels triggered and needs help. This is made possible by the shared database between the apps. These tools will assist patients managing their addiction and help them recover. Using this prototype as a model, Choices! Counseling Services hopes to commission a full-scale application for use with their clients, as well as for other practices.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

As a group, we were interested in this project in our Software Design class for both it’s challenge and it’s potential to help people.

Charles Morris is a Senior Computer Science Major hoping to attend Graduate School for Cyber Security.

Savannah Smith is a Senior Computer Engineering Major hoping to work in the software development industry.

Nicholas Kwiecinski is a Sophomore Computer Engineering major hoping to work in the computer programs and systems field.

Nathaniel Bouman is a Junior Computer Science and Physics double major hoping to work in the software development field.

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