Attitudes of Neighborliness at Valparaiso University

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Allison Schuette


Christ College


Christ College

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Oral Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 5-4-2017


Who is your neighbor? What is your responsibility to your neighbor? What attitudes inhibit neighborliness? In our deeply divided times, these questions have never been more relevant. Authors have come at these questions from a religious, political, and spatial perspective. One survey that has attempted to understand attitudes of neighborliness is the World Values Survey. The survey has been run in hundreds of countries around the world to measure attitudes on a variety of topics. To better understand the attitudes among undergraduates at Valparaiso University, I will be using the questions on neighborliness from the survey. The information will be collected from a campus-wide survey with the assistance of Greg Stinson. The information collected will be analyzed to see what factors, such as religion, race, and regional hometown location, affect attitudes of neighborliness among undergraduate students. This information will be helpful in better understanding how students at Valparaiso view their neighbors and responsibility towards them.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Eric Smith is a senior at Valparaiso studying political science and economics. He has worked on the President's diversity and inclusion committee, which made him interested in how people from different backgrounds view each other. This interest led him to design his senior thesis around questions of neighborliness.

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