Budget Conditions of County Prosecutor's Offices

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Jennifer Hora


Arts and Sciences


Political Science and International Relations

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Oral Presentation

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Spring 4-23-2016


This research begins with the question: Under what budget conditions are County Prosecutor’s Offices able to administer justice effectively? The relationship between state court funding and the ability of courts to implement justice will be explored. A survey of approximately 200 County Prosecutor’s Offices will be conducted to ascertain the staff support conditions of each office. Additionally, the record keeping abilities will be surveyed, since there is no universal method for record keeping across Prosecutor’s Offices. This survey investigates staffing levels in these offices, and questions if the offices are understaffed, leaving attorneys and support staff unable to focus completely on each case heard by the specific unit. These results would shed light on if the state court funding crisis is not yet complete, and if state courts need more time and federal aid to recover from the recent recession.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Molly Triolo was born on October 7, 1996 in Mokena, Illinois. Molly graduated from Lincoln-Way East High School in only three years and began attending Valparaiso University in 2013 at the age of sixteen. Currently, Molly is set to graduate in May 2016, thereby earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in political science with a criminology minor in only three years. Molly plans to continue her education by attending law school.

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