Determinants of Points Per Game in the Horizon League

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Sara Gundersen


Arts and Sciences



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Oral Presentation

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Spring 4-23-2016


Basketball is one of the world’s most popular sports. It is a very complex sport and a lot goes into finding good players that are great at making shots. As the head student manager for the Valparaiso University basketball team, I want to evaluate what determines points per game so that I would have valuable information to add for the benefit of the team.

To do this effectively, I will use a data set that included all of the statistics from the 2014/2015 college basketball season in the Horizon League. After looking at all of the data included, I prepared an initial model and, with a few adjustments, found the best fit to the data. This paper will show why defense wins championships according to the data. Specifically, I found that steals and defensive rebounds determine more points per game.

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Jacob Schoon is the head manager for the Valparaiso University Men's Basketball team. He is a junior economics and marketing double major. He wants to eventually work for a sports agency in their marketing or research areas.

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