Engineering Outreach in Elementary School: Is Once Enough?

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Ruth Wertz




Mechanical Engineering

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Poster Presentation

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Spring 4-23-2016


Engineering identity is a characteristic that many K-12 students fail to develop. Some researchers believe this lack of engineering identity is in part responsible for students choosing non-technical careers. In the course of this study, we will use a pre-and post-test, Engineering Identity Development Scale (EIDS) to determine how well the students identify with math, science, and engineering before and after completing an engineering design activity. The students will also complete the Draw an Engineer Test (DAET), which will use a coding method to compare quantitatively how the activity affected the students’ perceptions of engineers and what engineers do. The activity will prompt the students to think through phases of the engineering design process. The results of this study will provide information about how engineering outreach activities affect students’ development of engineering concepts and identity, and will allow future studies to be conducted about the effect of single engineering outreach programs on the students’ engineering identities.

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