Recovery Heart Rates of Division 1 Female Soccer Players

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Dr. Kelly Helm


Arts and Sciences



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Poster Presentation

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Spring 4-23-2016


The purpose of this study was to determine the rate of recovery in a Divison I female soccer player post-competition. The question to be answered was, "How long does it take a Division I female soccer player to return to pre-exercise heart rate levels at half-time and at the end of a collegiate soccer game?" Nine players from the Valparaiso Women's Soccer team were chosen based on position and playing time. Five soccer games from the 2015 season were selected for analysis. Each player wore a First Beat Heart Rate (HR) monitor during every game. HR data was collected and recorded with First Beat software every minute of the game. Pre-warmup HR, start of game HR, peak first-half HR, time to recover to pre-exercise level at half time, pre-second half HR, peak second-half HR, post second-half HR, post cool-down HR, and the duration in which it took the player to recover to pre-exercise HR post-game will all be analyzed for comparison. The heart rate values and the data are still being analyzed. Descriptive statistics will be used to answer the question about rates of recovery for each player and position. The rate of recovery will be compared to percentage of elevated HR above age-adjusted HR max.

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Sarrah Ludwig was a member of the Valparaiso Women's Soccer team for the past four years of her college career. This past season, the team started using the FirstBeat heart rate monitors for every practice and every game. HR monitors measure a number of different variables and can be used by coaches for several different reasons. Sarrah is interested in experimenting with recovery heart rate because of the rationale it gives coaches. She plans on attending graduate school to become a physical therapist. She also may coach in the future. This research gives her several benefits for her future goals, and she is very intrigued by heart rate and soccer players.

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