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Dr. Karl Schmitt


Arts and Sciences



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0000-0002-6323-1207 0000-0002-1293-2601 0000-0002-2568-4344

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Poster Presentation

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Spring 2016


The James S. Markiewicz Solar Energy Research Facility was built to research solar chemistry and currently being used to research the change in metal oxides such as iron or magnesium oxide that act as a medium for the production of hydrogen from water. This is significant because hydrogen can be used in vehicles equipped with appropriate fuel cells and due the decreased cost of producing hydrogen with this method. The shrinking core model which governs this process has proved difficult to solve due to the high number of unknown constants and its non-linearity. We detail in this work the implementation of less common heuristics, mainly Particle Swarm Optimization. This technique was used because of its wide unbiased search for the possible constants. The development and method we are using to solve these unknown constants will be shown.

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