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The Study Buddy tutoring program places college students with grade-school students who have been identified by their teacher or principal as struggling in school or unsuccessful in passing the ISTEP test. College students work with the grade-school students for one college semester. At Parkview Elementary School, the program has been particularly successful and standardized test scores have risen significantly. This project's purpose is to record and study the success of the Study Buddy tutoring program at Parkview Elementary both in the classroom and in raising standardized test scores. The research includes both quantitative and qualitative research. The quantitative research is primarily composed of previously collected data (e.g. ISTEP scores) which I have synthesized to examine elements such as the number of students in the program passing the ELA and/or math standardized tests and a comparison of those students' scores throughout their time in the program. The qualitative research has been conducted via focus sessions with the teachers of Parkview Elementary. The transcripts of these focus sessions will be analyzed for potential reasons for the success of the Study Buddy program at Parkview Elementary. These will be compared to associated research and literature written by professionals in the educational field.

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