Impact of Thigh Muscle Fatigue on Force Production in Knee Stabilizing Muscles

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Kelly Helm


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Poster Presentation

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Spring 4-23-2016


The purpose of this research was to evaluate the force production of the hamstrings after fatiguing the quadriceps. The question to be answered was: Does fatigue of the quadriceps muscles impact force production of the hamstring muscles? A convenience sample from a small private university of 12 students (male=4, female=8) participated in the study, ages 20-22 years. Data was collected at the University’s fitness center. On day one, a base line 1RM quadriceps extension and hamstring curl was measured on seated leg extension and seated hamstring curl machine. Forty-eight hours later, on test day two, the quadriceps were fatigued on the seated leg extension machine using 65% of the 1RM leg extension. Leg extensions were completed until full repetitions could no longer be completed. Immediately after, hamstring strength was measured on the seated hamstring curl machine. Hamstring strengths from test day one and test day two will be compared for any differences in force production using a t-test. Conclusions about the relationship of quadriceps fatigue and force production of the hamstrings will be drawn. The hypothesis for this study is that quadriceps fatigue will cause reduced strength in the corresponding hamstring.

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Sara Ozgur is interested in knee injuries and the causes. After learning about agonist and antagonist muscle roles and their involvement in moving a joint, she wanted to know if fatigue could impact strength. This research could give knowledge to muscle instability and possible knee injury.

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