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A popular belief held by many Americans is that Caucasian families homeschool based on a desire to shield their children from the outside world and to pass on particular religious beliefs. However, among the Hispanic community, homeschooling is often implemented due to a lack of resources in the community. Many Hispanic parents utilize this nontraditional educational method due to a desire to raise their children bilingually, to pass on their cultural heritage, and to have an active role in the academic lives of their children. Quite often, the communities in which Hispanic families live do not have many resources available for Hispanics. An example is the lack of communication between non-English speaking parents and non-Spanish speaking teachers. Additionally, the types of jobs held by many Hispanics prevent them from being active members in the academic lives of their children due to conflicting work and school schedules. By homeschooling, Hispanic parents are able to focus on the education of their children without being hindered by a lack of effective cross-cultural communication. Based on surveys distributed to numerous homeschooling families, no two families homeschool for the same reason. However, many common threads exist, which is beneficial to know in order to make traditional school systems more appealing to Hispanic families.

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