Light Curve Study of the Eclipsing Contact Binary V2477 Cyg

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Bruce Hrivnak


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Physics and Astronomy

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Poster Presentation

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Spring 4-23-2016


V2477 Cyg is a short-period eclipsing binary star system in the Cygnus constellation. Its light curve indicates that the two stars are so close as to be in physical contact with each other. Although its status as a variable has been known, its classification as a contact binary is relatively recent, and no thorough analysis of the system has been published. Within this project, brightness observations through yellow and red filters were collected using the VU 0.4-m telescope and CCD-detector. Times of mid-eclipse were determined to improve the published period to 0.3112501 days. Additionally, a binary star computer program will be used to determine the system’s properties, such as the relative sizes and temperatures of the two stars and the inclination of their orbit. This work was conducted as part of Stephen Freund's senior research project in physics and astronomy.

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