Faculty Sponsor

Dan White




Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)

Presentation Type

Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 5-2-2015


This project cooperates with the international open-sourced SatNOGS project in order to create and operate a satellite communications ground station at Valparaiso University, located in Valparaiso, Indiana. SatNOGS is an open source ground station, optimized for modularity, and is built from readily available and affordable tools and resources. The long term goal of SatNOGS is to establish a world-wide network of operator-less ground stations.

As part of implementing the SatNOGS project at Valparaiso University, Thomas Biedron and Jonathan Clabuesch are designing and building 70-centimeter and 2-meter antennas for the project. The goal of our poster presentation is to inform attendees about satellite signal theory and its application in antenna design and construction. As this is an open-source project, our final design and step-by-step implementations will also be posted to the SatNOGS website to be used by those who follow us in similar pursuits.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Thomas Biedron and Jonathan Clabuesch are electrical engineering students attending the College of Engineering at Valparaiso University. They both have a passion for practical application of their academic studies. This resulted in their partnership to design and build these antennas as part of a true international project, which they are both receiving credit through an independent study course guided by Professor Dan White.