The Late Van’s Voyage: An In-Depth Analysis of the Usage of Valparaiso University Auxiliary Transportation Services over the 2014-2015 Academic Year

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Auxiliary Services

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Spring 5-2-2015


Valparaiso University offers free alternative transportation services to students every evening. This service comes in the form of one or two vans that are dedicated to provide safe and reliable transportation to VU students and faculty from 6PM to 2AM, 7 days per week. Students wishing to use Transportation Services must call the hotline and a dispatcher will direct the van to their location providing that it is within the transport boundaries.

The frequency and location of calls to Transportation Services varies depending on several factors, including time of week, time of day, weather, events, and emergencies. By logging the frequency and location of calls over the course of the 2014-2015 academic year, we hope to further our understanding of the factors that affect the usage of VU Transportation Services, and lead to improvements in the training of staff, dispatching, and overall efficiency of the transportation services of Valparaiso University and other universities nationwide.

When a call is made to Transportation Services for a pick-up, the time of the call and the location of the pickup will be noted. The frequency of calls as well as the location will be compared against various parameters, such as outside air temperature, precipitation, time of day, time of week, the presence of VU night classes, special events, and emergency incidents. All data will be kept anonymous and confidential.

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Rudolph Grasha is a sophomore computer engineering major. He works as a dispatcher for Valparaiso University Transportation Services. Kedar Puvar is a senior biochemistry major and has used VU Transportation Services all throughout his time as a student.

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