The Impact of a 5-Week Shoulder Strengthening Program on Division I Swimmers

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Kelly Helm


Arts and Sciences



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Poster Presentation

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Spring 5-2-2015


Poor shoulder strength in swimming may lead to shoulder injury in swimmers. The objective of this study was to determine the impact of a five-week shoulder strengthening program on division I collegiate swimmers. Eighteen participants from the University men's and women's swimming teams participated in a control group (n=8) and experimental group (n=10). Both groups were evaluated pre-exercise program using a shoulder strength dynamometer designed to measure the strength of shoulder extension and internal rotation. The experimental group was given five exercises to perform three days per week for five weeks. Both groups were evaluated again post-exercise program. All exercises performed by the experimental group were done on the pool deck. Data is still in collection process.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Megan Mariani is a senior kinesiology major with an interest in a career in physical therapy and sport specific training. She has been a swimmer for 11 years and her interest in shoulder stability and strength was motivated by her own shoulder injury and rehabilitation. With this research, she hopes to add to current research on shoulder stability in swimming and motivate swimmers and coaches to research sport specific training.

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