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Many researchers have studied the effects of chocolate milk on the body after exercise and how it helps aid in the recovery and repair of muscle; but little research has been done on whether chocolate milk is beneficial prior to exercise. For this reason, I will select ten individuals and have them undergo a VO2 max (maximal oxygen consumption) walking test with each person consuming Gatorade, chocolate milk, and water before each separate test. Each test will be conducted with the same diet and amount of sleep the night before to ensure that no outside factors influence the results except for the effects of the substance used. The VO2 max testing equipment will be used to collect data and the data will be analyzed using ANOVA statistical methods. This research will serve to give more insight into the uses of chocolate milk and whether it’s not only beneficial for after exercising, but also before. By also using Gatorade and water, it could be found that chocolate milk is more effective than either of these typical drinks when used before exercising.

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