Impact of Pratt Industries on Water Quality of Salt Creek

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Jon Schoer


Arts and Sciences



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Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 5-2-2015


Initial samples have been taken in order to measure the impact on Salt Creek of the additional water use and discharge resulting from Pratt Industries $290 million expansion of their recycled cardboard facility located near the Porter County Fairgrounds. The impact will be evaluated by testing water samples from Salt Creek both before and after the expansion is put into production. The expansion will produce ~700,000 gallons per day of waste water that will be treated by the Valparaiso Water Treatment Plant and released into Salt Creek. There is concern that this waste water will impact the ecosystem and environmental well being of Salt Creek. The magnitude of this impact will be assessed by looking for differences in a range of parameters including: temperature, pH, color, ammonia concentration, flow rate, recalcitrant concentrations, and phosphorous levels before and after the new facility is put into production. Initial samples have been taken from two sites at various times and weather conditions, and have been analyzed to gain a standard for Salt Creek before the expansion. These results will be shared with Pratt Industries, the Valparaiso community, and Valparaiso University.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Jon M. Bicanic is a senior double major in chemistry and mechanical engineering and is interested in either going to graduate school or pursuing a career in materials research and analysis. He was interested in this research because it's a project that has the potential to protect Salt Creek and affect the entire Valparaiso community. All while remaining firmly rooted in analysis and analytics.

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