Experience of Diversity Within the Social Work Department

Faculty Sponsor

Jane Barden


Arts and Sciences


Department of Social Work

Presentation Type

Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 5-2-2015


The purpose of this research is to improve understanding of the Implicit Curriculum in the Valparaiso University Department of Social Work. Implicit Curriculum, as defined by the Council on Social Work Education, is "the educational environment in which the explicit curriculum is presented" (CSWE, 2008). Specifically, this project will examine how students from racial, ethnic, religious, and gender majority and minority groups experience the discrepancy between the lack of diversity in the Department of Social Work versus the diversity focus presented in the explicit curriculum. This research will take place in the VU Department of Social Work. We will recruit participants from social work classes by asking them to complete a demographic questionnaire. We will then be interviewing participants based on their answers to the questionnaire.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

All the authors are junior social work majors who attend Valparaiso University. Lindsay Roettger, Melanie Schmidt, Brendan Flaherty, and Arianna Cussick are interested in researching diversity issues. They all found it puzzling that in the classroom setting and field setting, they are suppose to practice diversity, but there is no diversity in the classroom.

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