Electrostatic Calculations for a nEDM Experiment

Faculty Sponsor

Shirvel Stanislaus


Arts and Sciences


Physics and Astronomy

Presentation Type

Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 5-2-2015


The need for high electric fields not directly obtainable with currently available high voltage power supplies are a concern for a number of nuclear physics experiments. In the search for the neutron Electric Dipole Moment, the precision of the experiment is dependent upon many variables. One such variable is the strength of the electric field that can be produced. In order to overcome the present limitations and obtain an electric potential of ~650kV, a method involving parallel-plate capacitors connected in parallel is under exploration. Approximations based off a number of assumptions for this method have suggested that it is viable. Calculations of the voltage gain produced by the geometry specific to the experiment will be presented.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Adam Clark is a senior physics major from New Lenox, Illinois. Upon graduation, he will continue his education and pursue a Ph.D. in nuclear physics. The work presented is for the neutron Electric Dipole Moment collaboration with scientists working at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

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