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Athletic injury is a common occurrence and a concern for those who participate in sports. The past 15 years has produced a substantial body of literature confirming that psychological factors play a significant role in sports injuries. Many athletes devote years to practice in order to perfect their talents and even a minor injury can have a major impact resulting in physical pain and also psychological suffering. The purpose of this study is to determine if psychological parameters previous to injury had any impact on injury in female collegiate athletes. Participants in this study are female athletes from various teams at Valparaiso University. These participants completed five different questionnaires. The first questionnaire was an injury report. The other four questionnaires are psychological scales including: The Life Events Coping Scale for Collegiate Athletes (LESCA), The Social Anxiety Scale (SAS), The Athletic Coping Skills-28 Scale, and The Sport Competition Anxiety Test (SCAT). At this time, data collection and analysis continues. From this study, the author hopes to find psychological parameters that may be helpful in predicting future injury in female athletes.

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Courtenay Stewart is an exercise science major with minors in human biology and psychology. She is planning on attending graduate school to earn a master's degree in sports psychology and a doctorate in physical therapy.