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Bharath Ganesh Babu


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Environmental Science

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Valparaiso University has been a tobacco-free campus since September 1993; however, smoking has not stopped. This is visibly evident from the smokers themselves along with the cigarette waste that can be seen outside of campus buildings. The focus of this study is to identify smoking 'hot spots' through a week-long survey of campus buildings by mapping their locations over a geographically referenced campus map. The ultimate goal of this study is to identify any significant spatial patterns or relationships between spatial and non-spatial attributes on the Valparaiso University campus.

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Domenico Libreri is currently a junior majoring in environmental science. In the future, he wishes to find a career in waste management. He became interested in the topic because even though there is a large attempt to cease smoking on campus, it has evidently not had a large enough impact to stop it completely. With this study, he wanted to identify the primary places smokers congregate.