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#GunViolence #Chicago is a multimedia photo essay that examines the uncontrollable result of gun violence among Chicago’s minority youth. This essay explores how gun violence in Chicago impacts victims and their loved ones, and also how it initiates a never-ending cycle of revenge. Research includes visual documentation of areas where these types of violent acts happen, sound/audio interviews of victims and loved ones, and statistics of gun violence in Chicago. This essay seeks to answer why Chicago youth reengage in preventable gun violence.

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Luetta Curtis is a senior art major from Chicago. Living in the same neighborhood all her life, she’s watched it turn from bad to worse. Growing up, she saw people engaged in gun violence and now the ones who are shooting are her age. The subject touches her because these are people that she once played with and considered her friends. She knows that there is more to life than killing each other, and she cares enough to share this work with the youth of Chicago.