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Research has shown that students who engage in service learning often display transformation in the classroom, within themselves, or within the community. Service learning is a growing area of focus at Valparaiso University, a small liberal arts college in Indiana. We are interested in examining the prevalence of service learning on the Valparaiso University campus and the relationship between service learning and students’ college experience. Approximately 100 students will be anonymously surveyed. The sample will be students who have been enrolled or are currently enrolled in courses that require a service learning component or students who have participated in a service project that is coupled with a reflective essay or discussion. Transformation will be defined as being an active change in the student’s life because of his/her service learning experience. This study has implications for the promotion of service learning experiences at Valparaiso University.

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Randi Charters, Cassie Hailey, Mary O’Brien, and Dashiauna Washington are all junior social work majors. The group has been working on this research since January. All members of the group are interested in the topic of service learning. The group members believe that the results from this study will be relevant and important to the students and faculty at Valparaiso University.