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Yun Xia


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Chinese and Japanese Studies

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This paper examines the nature of the Foreign Pao Chia, an organization started by the Japanese in 1942 and designed to police the Jewish refugee community living in Japanese-occupied Shanghai. The purpose of this research is to discover how the Jewish community viewed the organization and its members. I argue that because almost all young men in the refugee community were required to serve, the organization's members generally had the best interests of the community – and not the Japanese – at heart, distinguishing the organization from similar groups active in Shanghai at the time. Although some have claimed that the organization was used to work against the refugees, I present evidence suggesting that most refugees eventually accepted the organization as a necessary protective measure, rather than a tool used by the Japanese against the Jews.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Jonathan Mack is a junior accounting and Chinese and Japanese studies double major at Valparaiso University. He began studying the Foreign Pao Chia during a one month collaborative research project in Shanghai with Dr. Kevin Ostoyich, Dr. Yun Xia, and five other students from Valparaiso University. He is active in Asian studies-related campus programs, and plans to one day work as an accountant at an international firm.