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The Community Research and Service Center (CRSC) at Valparaiso University conducted a survey of Porter County residents on their opinions about regionalism, the Regional Development Authority (RDA), and some of the projects currently being worked on by the RDA. The CRSC worked to develop a questionnaire that would assess the opinions of Porter County residents on these issues. We took a random sample of 3,500 households in Porter County and mailed them a questionnaire. We received 499 useable responses; almost all were completed by mail with some choosing to fill out the optional on-line survey. In order to compensate for the differences between the sample and the population, as well as to demonstrate how different groups viewed these issues, we controlled for age, gender, income level, how long the respondents have lived in Porter County, the area of the county they are from, and whether they are likely to vote. Overall, respondents indicated that they were in support for the notion of many of the programs under consideration by the RDA. That support drops, though, when respondents are asked whether these programs should be funded by taxpayer money, or when respondents were asked specifically about cooperation with Lake County.

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