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Spring 4-24-2013


This research proposal will address awareness among students, concentrating on males, at Valparaiso University. Little research has been conducted on awareness alone, let alone awareness of college students. Therefore, this research will be filling a gap. It’s important for low awareness levels to increase because awareness is the first step toward change. The researchers will develop an online survey to be administered to a sample of the students attending Valparaiso University to gauge their awareness. After the results are collected, they will be analyzed, and reported upon. Sex trafficking is a major problem for the United States. Finding out college students’ awareness will help identify how much the educated future generation knows about sex trafficking so that they will be able to combat it. Education is key. This study will be useful for nonprofit and government organizations seeking to educate the general population about sex trafficking. This study will show whether men or women know more about sex trafficking and at what year in college they know more and less. The study can pinpoint the at risk groups who are the most unaware and target them specifically.

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