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Sleep disorders affect millions of people worldwide. The purpose of this project was to determine if individuals with sleep disorders can achieve better outcomes with treatment that includes education classes and cognitive therapy than with current treatments which utilize medication and equipment. Seven articles, obtained from a search of CINAHL, JBI, Medline, and Psych Info, were reviewed and critiqued. Studies contained samples of men and women with sleep disorders, reviews of previous studies, and reviews of effective alternative treatments. Designs included systematic reviews, meta-analysis, randomized control, longitudinal two group pre-test posttest, and a narrative review. Findings showed that when traditional pharmacological treatments are combined with alternative therapies, patients have much better outcomes. A decision to include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and music therapy was made. A new education program will include a briefing about therapies for individuals with sleep disorders and a discussion about how to help patients incorporate CBT and music therapy into their current plan for treatment. In the future, patients will be educated about the importance of keeping a sleep journal to evaluate their progress. Patient success will be measured using data from patient journals and a sleep center survey.

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