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Prospective college students, often early adapters of technological advances, seek information from digital sources when making a college decision. Different social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are among the tools that prospective students use. Universities are beginning to implement these tools to build relationships with prospective students. Valparaiso University, too, is adapting to this new technology. The University has a digital presence through its Facebook and Twitter accounts, a channel, and a comprehensive webpage. The primary focus of this study is to see if a relationship is being built between Valparaiso University and its prospective students through these tools. Does Valparaiso University’s online presence attract incoming college students? Are prospective students more informed because they can virtually observe campus life? Are these resources being utilized to their fullest potential? Research focused on answering these questions as well as exploring the best possible way to establish a successful relationship between prospective students and the University. Students in the spring semester of their freshman year were surveyed to learn from their experience over the past twelve months.

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