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Spring 4-24-2013


In 2013, creating healthy relationships with your publics is imperative for growth and maintaining already loyal constituents. Twitter has become a concise, yet direct way to communicate with your followers. There are five key findings on how Twitter affects organizations. Personal dialogue is key; it makes the followers feel more personable and more likely to engage in conversation. The digital media age is a world in which most information we receive is through internet and social media vehicles. With Twitter, communicating with the public while gaining visible exposure is quite simple. “In reality, few organizations reach a high level of interactivity. Few websites go beyond providing content for constituents and providing a mechanism for feedback.” In order to find data, the website is used. This site shares case studies on how people use Twitter for their organizations. Through the four-week study and observing other opinions regarding the power of the internet, using Twitter can boost your public reputation as well as bring in growth. In conclusion, we hope to share information on how organizations can make their organization better by “Talking Business on Twitter.”

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