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Oral Presentation

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Spring 4-24-2013


The central idea of our project is focusing on the effects that companies have on the public through blog engagement. Companies we researched want to produce a blog in which the internal and external public can comment and produce their own opinions. We researched the comparisons between smaller businesses and larger corporations. We will be comparing Designer Desserts and Kernel Kones to Google and Apple. The importance of blogging is that while not as many people blog, social media is usually included on these blogs in order to gain better engagement for the public to voice their concerns and give feedback. Theoretically, blogging is not used as much as other tools such as social media to gain knowledge of the company. In order to collect data, we will have to analyze the companies we have chosen based on their reputation with the public and how often they use blogging to engage with the public, by going on their websites to find their blog posts. We have found that larger companies have a better blog engagement system because they have the specialized staff to maintain their blogs and keep up with the feedback responses. There is a growing need for companies to blog in a better way to engage with their followers.

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