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Poster Presentation

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Summer 8-3-2012


The overall goal of this project is to collect and analyze baseline water quality data in the Little Calumet East Branch (LCEB) watershed. This watershed spans portions of Porter and LaPorte counties in northwest Indiana and drains into Lake Michigan. The LCEB currently has impaired water quality. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) has awarded Save the Dunes Conservancy Foundation a two year grant to develop and implement a Watershed Management Plan to improve water quality. During the summer of 2012, the following water quality parameters were collected weekly from 15 sites spread throughout the watershed: 1) pH, 2) temperature, 3) conductivity, 4) dissolved oxygen, 5) flow, 6) E. coli, 7) ammonia, 8) nitrate, 9) phosphorus, and 10) total suspended solids. Pollutant loadings and flow duration curves will be calculated for each pollutant at each site based on the raw water quality data. These results will be used to determine possible pollutant sources and to identify the critical and priority areas within the watershed where restoration resources will have the maximum impact.

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