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Spring 2012


The Battle of Gettysburg often exists in the minds of the general public as the most significant battle of the American Civil War. However, at the same time, the battle over control of the Mississippi River was reaching its climax at Vicksburg, which often receives less attention. Despite the apparent significance of controlling the southern stronghold of Vicksburg, a majority of memory of the Civil War rests within the confines of the Battle of Gettysburg. Through the research of primary and secondary sources, I will establish the military history of the Battle of Gettysburg and the Siege of Vicksburg. I then look at the significance of memory construction amidst conflict and how it affects the immediate creation of history. I then examine how these battles have been commemorated and how these practices have changed over time. Through this analysis, I will develop a clearer understanding of the Battle of Gettysburg’s significance within the context of the American Civil War.

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