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Spring 2012


In the state of Indiana, 20-29 percent of residents are obese. Being obese may impact social experiences and health conditions. This research seeks to investigate whether motivation affects an individual’s ability to engage in an exercise program. This research will utilize a convenience sample of 10 overweight, sedentary individuals living in northwest Indiana. Each of these 10 individuals will be participating in a wedding this summer (either as a bride, groom, bridesmaids, or groomsmen). Each has volunteered to be a participant in this project in hopes of getting healthier. Motivation will be evaluated by use of questionnaires specific to attitudes about exercise and motivational factors. Exercise engagement will be evaluated by comparing pre-test assessment to post-test assessment for changes in biometric parameters such as blood pressure, total body weight, and body fat. It is hypothesized that motivation will lead to subjects making changes in biometric parameters. No conclusions have been made for this study.

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