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Spring 2012


Addiction theory has focused on the debilitating effects that drug addicts and alcoholics face. However, addiction can permeate much further into our lives than just through drugs and alcohol. Evagrius of Ponticus presented eight tempting thoughts that comprised all the beliefs, behaviors, items, and emotions that an individual can be disorderly attached to. These disordered attachments can have enslaving effects on an individual that constrains the person’s will and desire for freedom from these preoccupations. We also include a measure that assesses spiritual involvement and locus of control. The purpose of this study is to compile a psychological measurement that will assess the many domains of disordered attachment an individual can encounter and the degree to which it constrains their lives. This measure will consist of approximately 75 Likert scale items that include questions pertaining to pride, emotions, relations, sexuality, avarice, power/control, and problems of desire. The factors we have derived through factor analysis allow for each participant to be scored on various subscales. These scores will indicate the specific nature of the addictive tendencies. Lastly, individuals who are found to be more spiritually involved are presumed to be less attached to the constructs mentioned above.

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