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James Old


Arts and Sciences

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Oral Presentation

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Spring 5-1-2023


This paper provides an analysis of sanctions effects by examining different cases where sanctions were implanted in countries such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Cuba. These sanctions have raised various issues that caused a lack of resources, migration, a raise in the death toll, inflation, and a decrease in the GDP of the countries in which they were applied by the United States and the United Nations. The main question is whether broad sanctions had effective outcomes for those stated countries and how can targeted sanctions be better or bring out similar results.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

My name is Nour Alhajjeh I am a rising senior at Valparaiso University pursuing a BA in International Relations and a minor in Biology. I came to the United States as a Syrian Refugee and because of my background and academic knowledge, I have developed an interest in highlighting the effect of sanctions on third-world countries, including my home country Syria. During the last ten years, I have witnessed one of the most horrifying civil wars in the Levant region. My experience with the Syrian war led me to desire to pursue a multidiscipline career in human rights advocacy and foreign policy with science to address global health challenges while applying appropriate policies in the MENA region. My Middle Eastern background, immigrant upbringing, and motive allowed me to guide Afghani refugees at the Chicagoland Immigrant Welcome Network. As an intern, I facilitated refugees' daily adjustments by providing their necessities, worked on language translation, and assisted various asylum-seekers through their settlement process. My interest in foreign policy and curiosity about the national political state drove me to intern for the congressional office of my district representative, where I conducted research to obtain methods that can advance the communication techniques with the voters, track the turnout of the Congressman's re-election campaign, and help the field director with date policy organizing. At Valparaiso University, I worked as an International Student Ambassador at the Office of Multicultural Programs, administrating and distributing legal documents for international students. I served as the Event Chair for the Valparaiso International Student Association, launching different occasions to prompt cultural appreciation on campus. My purpose in the future is to play an essential role in advancing human rights protection worldwide.