Developing a New Stimuli Database

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Stimuli Creation, Novel Stimuli, word-learning acquisition

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The need for novel stimuli is crucial in word-learning tasks during psychological experiments. Word-learning tasks take many forms for both children and adult participants. They are either explicitly taught names for novel objects, like direct naming and sight cues, or implicitly where they discern the object and its appropriate name throughout multiple trials. It is also significantly important for the database of novel objects to expand because even exposure to novel stimuli more than once can alter the outcome of an experiment. A new novel stimuli database would limit the possibility of overlap in these studies.

The Learning and Language Acquisition (LaLA) Lab needed stimuli that could both be in digital format and physical format so it could be held by participants. The LaLA Database consists of stimuli that is hand-crafted for this very purpose. Due to the hand-craftedness, it would be hard for participants to give a real name to any of the objects. These objects were photographed and had their backgrounds removed so the only object present is the novel stimulus; as well as, videos of the object with novel names were created. With the creation of any new database, however, there is a need for trials with the public in order to solidify the effectiveness of what has been created.

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My name is Liam Hanley. I'm a graduating undergraduate at Valparaiso University obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor focus in Creative Writing.

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