Ring Fit Exercise Analysis

Level of Education of Students Involved


Faculty Sponsor

Bethany Luke





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Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 4-27-2023


Active-play videogames such as the Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch exist to mimic common real-life exercises while being much more accessible to the everyday person. To determine whether the Ring Fit activities are the same as normal exercises and therefore effective, flexion angles were measured and statistically analyzed with data from traditional exercises, namely running and squatting. The data was recorded using Xsens 3-D motion tracking software with an inertial measurement unit suit. Five subjects performed five squatting exercises with the Ring Fit, five squatting without, five running with the Ring Fit, and five running without. Each subject performed 5 reps for each exercise in which they were completed in a random order and their knee joint movements were analyzed. During squatting, the difference in the duration at the maximum flexion point of the knee was statistically analyzed. It was determined that the Ring Fit made the subjects spend about 3.4 more seconds at the maximum knee flexion point compared to normal squatting. During running, the flexion angle was compared between exercising with and without the Ring Fit. It was determined that the Ring Fit caused about 19 more degrees of flexion at the knee. The accuracy of flexion angles for squatting supports the use of the Ring Fit, but the increase in the running angles shows it may not accurately represent a normal running exercise.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

As an undergraduate research student for Professor Bethany Luke, I was introduced to this research experiment involving biomechanics and the use of motion tracking software. Throughout my education experience in biomedical engineering, I have utilized IMU suits and was interested in the types of analyses that could be done using Xsens 3-D motion tracking software. Therefore, for the past two semesters I have been involved with testing out this specific software and understanding its capabilities. Following graduation in May, I will be working at Zimmer Biomet as a Manufacturing Engineer on their New Product Introduction Team for implant design.

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