Level of Education of Students Involved


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Dan White




Integrated Circuits, Electrical Engineering

Presentation Type

Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 4-27-2023


Over the last couple of years the open-source chip design community has experienced rapid growth with the release of SkyWater Foundries SKY130 process design kit (PDK) [1]. Google has sponsored the OpenMPW program which allows hobbyists and researchers the opportunity to submit custom integrated circuit (IC) designs to get manufactured free of charge. Before these initiatives, most of the tools and knowledge of IC design were limited to large corporations willing to incur the costs of designing their own chips. So far, the open-source community has made tremendous strides in the design of digital ICs with projects such as OpenROAD [2] and Tiny Tapeout [3] making designing a chip easier than ever. Digital is only half the story, and analog design is a critical component of building functional ICs. Here we present an overview of the analog design process and the various open-source tools through the design of a low noise amplifier (LNA) that might be used as part of a communications frontend in applications such as satellite communication.