Study of The Intersection of Campus Dr. and Chapel Dr.

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Jay Grossman




Transportation Engineering

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Poster Presentation

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Spring 4-27-2023


The purpose of this study was to perform an analysis of a campus intersection with both high traffic and pedestrian volumes focusing on both traffic operations and safety. A camera was placed at the intersection of Campus Dr. and Chapel Dr. and data was collected for a total of four weekdays while classes were in session. Vehicle movements and vehicle/pedestrian interactions at the crosswalk were observed. The data was used to make the following analyzes: determining of vehicle turn movements at the intersection, analysis of all-way stop warrants based on these movements, determination of the percentage of vehicles that do not come to a complete stop at the intersection, the volume of students who use the crosswalk each day categorized into 15-minute Intervals, and the identification of vehicle/pedestrian interactions at the crosswalk and if these interactions are safe, moderate, or unsafe.

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Isac Alarcon Aguilar

Civil engineering Major

As an engineer, I have an interest in making the world as safe as possible for our everyday use. Pedestrians' safety is major concern in transportation engineering. Many of these incidents can be easily avoided by reinforcing and following regulations..

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