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Oral Presentation

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Spring 2012


Art museums house the greatest works from artists around the world from classics to modern pop art, without discrimination and open to interpretation. Art museums are debatably one of the most sacred places in society. Any history museum will give details about ancient artifacts or new discoveries; art, however, can change in meaning with each new visitor. Museum curators go beyond the “do not touch” signs with their large key rings opening vaults of worth and beauty. Curators work directly with artists and other museums to resurrect a dying cultural tradition. With the assistance of Valparaiso University’s own Gloria Ruff, Assistant Curator and Registrar, I have had the privilege to get a guided tour of what goes on in a day in the life of a curator. Museums are in decline, maintaining with their heads just above the water. Laws were passed and curriculums changed in higher education so that these houses of culture do not dissipate into the history books.

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