Buffalo String Works -- A Music Program for Young String Players in Buffalo, NY

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Dr. Uhde


Arts and Sciences



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Poster Presentation

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Spring 4-27-2023


My research discusses Buffalo String Works, a music program for young string players in Buffalo, NY, an initiative started in 2014 with the "mission [...] to ignite personal and community leadership through accessible, youth-centered music education." This program is an initiative, which not only provides musical training in violin, viola, cello and other instruments to kids in the area, but it also takes good care of children from immigrant families or refugees and at-risk youth, giving people from difficult economic backgrounds the chance to learn lifelong skills. This research takes a look at music instruction books used at this and many other youth string programs -- the Suzuki method. I focus on how the use of the Suzuki method may aid children of refugees, with immigrant backgrounds, or otherwise "at risk" in inclusion, coping mechanisms, self-reflection, and assimilation into a new context. This study draws on newspaper articles published in the last ten years about the work of Buffalo String Works, as well on interviews with members of the staff, and on research about the effects in general of the Suzuki method on children. My findings suggest that such music programs, run by brave individuals, are much more than music programs; they contribute massively to building community and creating futures for children across the economic and cultural divides of Buffalo, NY.

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Amber is an senior undergraduate major in music.

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