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Nicholas Rosasco, DSc, Associate Professor, Computing and Information Sciences


Arts and Sciences


Computing and Information Science

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Chris Brown (0009-0008-2378-5724), Matthew Dembny (0009-0001-1138-0905), Bethany Hanusin (0009-0000-7419-7609)

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Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 4-27-2023


The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) is a leading scholarly organization for mathematics in North America. Their primary publication, the American Mathematical Monthly (AMM), comprises over 130 published volumes dating back to 1894. The sheer volume of text in the journal has made it difficult for those interested in the history of mathematics and the organization to locate information. Adding to this challenge, there is no central search tool for the AMM corpus consisting of over 30,000 individual documents. The project team was tasked with creating a website that provides enhanced search tools for the AMM repository. Working with a historian from the MAA and using an agile development process with regular feedback, the team identified ways to improve the search process for relevant data while navigating through the technical and legal challenges associated with the handling and presenting of the corpus. The tool suite will provide a centralized search function specific to this repository with filters that make it faster to find information. This full-stack solution relies on HTML/CSS, Python, Django, SQL, and an Apache Web Server presented to the user through a web browser. Ultimately, the project provides an e-reader and search tool for region-specific documents from participating MAA historians, simplifying the challenge of working with the large AMM corpus.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Chris Brown is a junior Computer Science major at Valparaiso University. Matthew Dembny is a junior Computer Science major at Valparaiso University. Bethany Hanusin is a senior Computer Engineering major at Valparaiso University.