The Synthesis of Potential Anti-fungal Compounds

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Kevin Jantzi


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Organic Chemistry

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Poster Presentation

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Spring 4-27-2023


Fungal infections are very common throughout the world, but there is a lack of effective anti-fungal compounds. New anti-fungal compounds (e.g., D) are being developed to inhibit Methionine Synthase; an enzyme responsible for making the essential amino acid methionine. Previous investigations have shown that compounds containing the Pterin group demonstrated potential anti-fungal activity; however, it is challenging to synthesize these compounds because of insolubility and competition issues. To combat these issues, work is being conducted on adding the Pterin group at the end of the synthesis thereby bypassing the insolubility and competition issues. So far, the Boc Amine group (B) has been added to the starting material (A). Work is being done now in scaling up the (AB) reaction and eventually add the Pterin group (C).

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My name is Evan Walda, and I am a Junior Biochemistry major. I have been working with Dr. Jantzi for over a year now, including the summer. My goal is to study organic chemistry in graduate school and pursue a career in pharmaceuticals. I became interested in this topic after taking the organic chemistry class and enjoying it.

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